References & Further Reading


The Maya - Palaces and Pyramids of the Rainforest
Henri Stierlin Köln: Taschen 2004
A photographic, coffee-table book with an emphasis on Mayan architecture & art.

Cancun & The Yucatan
Nick Rider New York: Dorling Kindersley 2004
A handy pocket-sized travel guide for people travelling to the Yucatan peninsula.

The Maya
Michael D. Coe New York: Thames & Hudson 2005
This is a more scholastic style book. It's a slow read, but has tons of information.

Popol Vuh
Dennix Tedlock New York: Touchstone 1996
The Mayan book of creation, one of the civilization's few remaining texts.



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This site by Barbara McKenzie has some really detailed maps & photos of tons of Mayan sites.


PBS special on the Maya:

Evidence of Mayan environmental degradation & deforestation:

Jared Diamond, author of "Guns, Germs, and Steel" on "Why Societies Collapse":

Sacbes Paper:

On the use of "Maya" vs. "Mayan":

Underground ruins discovered believed to be the Mayan portal to the underworld:

On the End of the Mayan Calendar in 2012: _monument.htm

Mayan City Discovered With Lazers - National Geographic:

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Posted by Bonita Kolb on
Mayaphiles will appreciate the FAMSI
MESOWEB has very scholarly articles. Any book by Linda Schele will open the world of the Maya and their art for readers. Really a Maya geek? Check out The Maya and Teotihuacan-edited by Braswell. This book has a great article by David Stuart!!
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