Returning to Northern Arizona

This October I made it back to Northern Arizona for the first time since college ten years ago.  As I'm sure is the case for most, those college years were a time of many changes for me.  It's when I first fell in love with photography and the outdoors.  School opened my mind to a lot of new ideas, and the wilderness became a place for me to explore books on philosophy and religion, to meditate upon their meaning.  And for my birthday that first year of college my roommate Catfish got me a dog who was to be known as Riley. He was a constant companion throughout my travels.  Last year after a long happy life full of stick chewing and chasing squirrels he passed away, so I thought it appropriate to return to where we had spent those early years to scatter his ashes.  Riley was given a little farewell ceremony amongst the aspens of Locket Meadows.