NAMM 2014 (Musical Instrument Conference)

David Grissom playing with signature PRS amp
David Grissom playing with signature PRS amp
David Grissom playing with signature PRS amp
David Grissom Signature PRS Amp
Paul Reed Smith interviewing Emil Werstler (Chimiara)
DJ at the Sennheizer booth
NAMM 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center
PRS Amplifiers
Fender Custom Shop Jewel Encrusted Strat
Sabian Cymbals
Alex Skolnick demoing his signature ESP at NAMM 2014
Crush Drums booth at NAMM 2014
Blue Microphones
Sambian Cymbals
Gon Bops booth at NAMM 2014
Red Witch Effect Pedals
Makani Terror at the Neutrek booth for NAMM 2014
Bradley Weinholtz from Harmony Central interviewing with at the Gibson booth
Dunlop Wayback Pedals
Pearl Drums
Divinity Roxx
ESP Angel of Death Custom Shop Guitar
Manuel Rodriquiz Acoustic Guitars
ESP Custom Shop Angel Guitar
Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster
Guitar Grips Walls Hangers
L.R. Baggs Anthem Pickup System
Marty Friedman (Megadeth, Cacaophony) signing autographs at NAMM
Mathieu Jean lP Custom Cajons
Roland V-Mixer & Headphones
Moog Theramin
Natal Hand Hammered Snare Drums
Brent Hinds of Mastodon
NS Design Standup Electric Basses
Orange Bass Amp and Guitar Cabinets
Pearl Congos and Bongos
Pearl Rocket Toms
Playboy Guitar
Rocking out the ukulele
Retro Synths
Tama Cocktail Jam Kit
Tre Cool from Greenday
Tuba Ensemble
Vintage Gibson ES-335
Zon Basses
Marleaux Bass Guitars
James Trussart Custom Guitars
Paul Reed Smith interviewing Emil Werstler (Chimiara) #2
PRS Showcase
Elliot from Harmony Central Interviewing David Grissom
Marshall Custom Tattoo Design Amps
Nord Stage 2 Keyboard
Pearl Djembe Kickdrum
Taylor Hollowbody T5z Acoustic/Electric Guitar
Zack Meyers demoing his signature PRS
ESP & LTD Bass Guitars

While my main job at the moment is managing web development for Guitar Center /, this year I volunteered to do some photography for them at the 2014 NAMM Music Instrument Retail Conference, which takes place in Anaheim, CA.  Shooting a convention like this was a different kind of photography than what I've been doing lately, since I've been much more focused more on environmental work rather than people & products, but the basic principles of lighting and composition still apply regardless of the subject.  I'm pretty happy with the collection I came away with.