The Mayan Kingdom eBook

The Mayan Kingdom :: Photographic eBook

I wrote the Mayan Kingdom ebook after my 2008 trip down to see the Mayan archeological sites of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Their civilization really interested largely because it reached a height as technological advanced and social complex as ancient Rome, but somehow their culture was completely decimated and largely forgotten, and never really made it into most history books. Today there is a lot of renewed interest in Maya, largely due to the 2012 prophecy. While I do have an opinion on this, I feel that modern civilization has much more to learn from the decline of the Maya, particularly the notion that we maybe be extending beyond the carrying capacity of what the earth can sustain.

As a side note, this book was originally hosted on ParticleBook, another web project that I was working on at the time that was attempting to provide a more uninhibited web-writing experience for authors. I've since transferred the book over to this website to try to replicate some of that rapid editing functionality on the concrete5 platform.