Although i've been shooting more with 35mm lately (which really is a lot more flexible, and way easier to travel with), for landscape it really doesn't compare with the quality offered by large-format.  When shooting with my 4x5 camera (named as such because each sheet of film is 4x5 inches), i often get the question whether the camera's an antique. Although the camera design has remained relatively unchanged for decades, these cameras are still manufactured for professional landscape photographers.  They are quite a bit more difficult to use than 35mm cameras, with all of their various focus & perspective adjustments and barebones operation.  But the quality of the images offered by them makes the challenge more than worth it.  

Large format's have the advantages of being:

  • Exceptionally sharp,
  • Offering many perspective/focus adjustments to aid in composition,
  • Producing a huge piece of film which allows for bigger enlargements.
If you're a photographer interested in getting into large-format photography, you might want to check out Badger Graphics and KEH.